Cleaning the Bathroom Properly 

The bathroom is one of the most important area of your house because you are using it for your body hygiene. It will be a big problem if the bathroom is not as clean properly and you can get sick by having a dirty and unsafe bathroom. This is a place where you will do some body cleansing like peeing or doing pooping. It is best for you to keep your bathroom clean and away from any harmful bacteria and germs. 

 Cleaning the Bathroom

There are service company that offers a house cleaning Boca Raton, that will do that for you. A thorough cleaning that assure you that makes you safe whenever you will use your bathroom. They are professional and expert in doing the cleaning in your house, you can also do a contract for a weekly cleaner for your home if you are too busy doing the cleaning. If you decided to do it yourself, here are some tips for you; 

Start at the top 

You need to start at the top of the bathroom, you can start by cleaning the shower and the upper wall of the bathroom. In this you can make sure the all the dirt will go down and you will not be doing double cleaning. It is like a common sense in cleaning in any area of the house, just don’t forget to really scrub the wall and make it back into its original color with the right cleaning product. 

Sink and Grout 

Cleaning the wall that means you need to keep the color of the grout clean and away from any moss. You must brush it thoroughly and use some antiseptic and other product that will prevent growing moss on it. As you clean your sink make sure that it will drain it properly without any iron on the drainage. After you wipe it a dry cloth so it will not moist that can cause the iron or moss to grow. 

Tub and Toilet 

I suggest that you will clean the tub first before you clean your toilet and if you don’t have any tub you can directly clean the toilet. Use double or even triple antiseptic, bleach and other anti-bacteria and germ product to make sure it is safe for you to use it again. You can to use the best products since it is prone to bacteria and germs that can give you an unpleasant smell and that is bad for your health. Make sure to throw the cleaning equipment you use after to prevent any reuse material. 

Floor and Air Freshener  

Since all the dirt from the upper part of your bathroom will went to the floor, make sure that you mop and scrub the floor properly. You need to also use antiseptic for the floor especially when most of the bathroom user doesn’t have slippers and just use it barefooted. This is one of the reasons why you needed to make sure you clean the floor properly. Don’t forget to use some air refresher after you clean the whole bathroom that has anti-bacteria, to prevent breathe the bacteria and germs that mix into the air.