Eyelash Extension: The Pros and Cons  

Eyelash extension is very popular today. A lot of women are trying out this process to make their eye features more highlighted and beautiful. A long and full lash is very desirable, it simply brings out the beauty of the eyes. A lot of quick fixes can be done to achieve a full and long length eyebrow. You can buy false eye lashes or falsies to achieve the eyelash you want in just minutes. However, eyelash extensions are way more popular now as it is more natural looking.  

Eyelash Extension

There are a lot of cosmetic clinics and beauty spas offering eyelash extensions college station near you. A perfect eyelash can really complete your overall look. But before getting into this kind of procedure here are some pros can cons you should know about eyelash extensions.  

The Pros  

  • It has a natural look, and you can choose from different texture and volume.  
  • No need for frequent mascara applications  
  • No more gluing like your falsies  
  • It makes your eyes pop; hence, you will add more definition to your eyes.  
  • It can be tailor made just for you.  
  • It’s a customizable experience.  
  • Last longer that you think.  

The Cons  

  • Time consuming process, you must know it’s going to be attached one by one.  
  • Unlike falsies, you have to wait for it to fall out naturally or have a professional remove it.  
  • It’s costly. Minimum charges start about $120.  
  • Regular application or eyelash extensions can lead to lose you natural lashes  
  • There might be allergies and infections if you do this process with poor hygiene.  
  • It can cost you a lot if you do not know how to maintain it.  


Every modification or enhancement whether permanent or not has its own pros and cons. With eyelash extensions, you should really know how to balance it out. Is it worth the try? Yes, definitely if the results will make you happy. Are you ready for the risk? You should be but if you are with a well-known cosmetic clinic or beauty spa that is licensed and has standards for safety then you should be at ease to try eyelash extensions. When it comes to cost, we think that it quite reasonable, knowing that the process can be very detailed and complicated, plus the materials are safe and very natural looking.  

One main concern though is the allergic reactions and long-term effects to having regular eyelash extensions. It can be beneficial for a while aesthetically, but you could lose your natural eyelashes if you do it regularly. So, try to balance it out; you can do it or have your eyelashes extensions if you have events but on an ordinary day you can still opt for a natural look. After all our eyelashes have important functions to keep our eyes safe from dust and contaminants. Taking care of them is very important too than keeping them pop and long. Every beauty enhancement is definitely worth the try as long as it’s safe and you know beforehand the pros and cons for you to say it’s really worth your money and investment.  

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